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Looking for Outback Spare Parts? Step by Step Guide

1. Look at blown diagram in manual for your required item. For example C1 etc.,
2. Look at ONLINE PARTS LIST below - ie. what PART NUMBER does C1 from your manual correspond to?
3. Click the link in the corresponding box and order online.
4. If part number is not yet available to buy online, please contact us with your part number using our Spare Parts Enquiry Email

Patio Heater PH04 : MANUAL .pdf download

Click Here for 2008 Manual .pdf download

Click Here for 2007 Manual .pdf download

Adobe Reader required - download or use Internet Explorer Plugin

Please locate the required part in blown diagram via the manual, then find corresponding part number in online parts list below. 


PH04 Patio Heater Online Parts List

Manufactured between 2006 and 2008

Code Description Part number
A1 Reflector Discontinued, No Alternatives Available
A2 Burner Assembly Discontinued, No Alternatives Available
A4 Control Panel N/A 
A5 Ignitor Push Button N/A 
A6 Hose N/A 
A7 Post N/A 
A8 Table Half Discontinued, No Alternatives Available
A9 Door N/A 
A10 Base Top N/A 
A11 Base Support N/A 
A12 Base Hull N/A 
A13 Base N/A 
A14 Wheel Locknut N/A 
A15 Wheel PA15WHEEL
A16 Wheel Axle Washer N/A 
A17 Wheel Axle Bracket N/A 
B1 M6x20 Hex Bolt N/A 
B2 Large Plain Washer   N/A 
B3 M6 Hex Locknut N/A 
B4 M4x15 Flat Scre N/A 
B5 Small Plain Washer N/A 
B6 M4 Hex Nut N/A 
B7 1/4UNCx12 Bolt N/A 
B8 Spacer N/A 
B9 Latch N/A 
B10 Table Bracket N/A 
  Cover 4183CPH1 - Discontinued
  Valve (2006/2007) PHVALVE0607  / (2007/2008) PHVALVE0708
  Head Unit Discontinued, No Alternatives Available