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Charcoal BBQs

Welcome to our range of Outback charcoal bbqs, We have kettle charcoal barbecues and classic hooded models.

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  1. Outback Omega 200 charcoal barbecue grill finished in midnight blue.

    OUTBACK Omega 200 Charcoal BBQ Grill in Blue


    Blue Outback Omega 200 Charcoal Barbecue

    Outback blue Omega Charcoal 200 barbecue features two side tables that are fixed in place and one wooden table underneath for that valuable extra space, one of these side tables has useful hooks for hanging your Outback barbecue accessories available from the accessories section.

    The body of this barbecue have been porcelain coated for maximum protection, durability and of course making this barbecue very easy to clean. Manufactured with air vents which give the user full control over the heat and an easy clean ash tray makes this barbecue very easy to clean.

    **Please note this is an entry level BBQ and should not be used with the lid down once lit as this may cause damage to your BBQ. Learn More

  2. Outback half drum charcoal BBQ

    OUTBACK Half Drum Charcoal BBQ Grill


    Outback Half Drum Charcoal BBQ

    New to Outback for the 2016 season, this charcoal half drum BBQ features a 64x42cm cooking area covered by 2 cooking grills. These 2 adjustable grills sit above the charcoal baskets within the painted firebowl. Designed with a windshield which keeps the cooking area protected whilst in use to stop the lit coals being blown out.

    Located a the side of the BBQ is a metal framed foldable side table and underneath is a large wire base shelf which is ideal for food preparation, storage and to keep any accompaniments required for the BBQ being held.

    Built on 2 wheels with rubber tyres, this BBQ can easily be moved around the patio or garden and moved in or out of storage with ease.

    The 1 year manufacturing guarantee covers manufacturing defects. Learn More

  3. Outback 2 burner Combi gas and charcoal barbecue

    OUTBACK 2 Burner Combi Hooded Gas and Charcoal BBQ


    Outback 2017 Combi Barbecue

    Based on the very popular Combi 4 burner dual fuel barbecue, this 2 burner model is for those who wish to have the best of both worlds but don't need or cant fit a larger models. New for the 2017 season this gas and charcoal means you can show off by cooking on both gas and charcoal so there is no need to settle the age old question "gas or charcoal, which is best?". Designed with large 47.5x42cm cooking areas on both the gas and charcoal side, you can cook on both simultaneously or individually should you wish. Both cooking areas feature a warming rack to keep foods warm without cooking them further which is great for freeing up cooking area should you wish to cook further. Both sides have been designed with a two tiered drip tray which makes cleaning much easier.

    Outback Hooded 2 Burner Gas Grill

    With a porcelain enamelled roasting hood with temperature gauge allowing you to control cooking temperatures, this cooking area is heated by 2 cast iron burners. Each burner is lit individually using the piezo ignition making it much easier to light and controlled individually using the front facing control knobs. The lava rock baskets underneath the grilling area catches any drips from foods before vapourising them to give foods that wonderful BBQ taste.

    Outback Hooded Charcoal Grill

    Designed with an adjustable charcoal basket allowing you to change the heat intensity going to the cooking area and an adjustable air vent which allows you to control the temperature of the cooking area which can be seen on the temperature gauge within the hood, this charcoal side is very easy to use. Charcoal is stored within the charcoal storage tray underneath to keep it dry and close to the BBQ should you need it. We recommend you use the charcoal starter to light charcoal quickly with no fuss and without the need to use lighter fluids. Designed with 2 side shelves to allow for preparation, this 2 burner Combi BBQ is built on a trolley with 2 wheels and 2 castors to allow you to move the BBQ around the patio or garden with ease. The main body and hoods come fully assembled, simply build the trolley base with shelves before attaching the main unit. Backed by a manufacturing 5 year warranty. Learn More

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Outback Charcoal BBQs

The Outback charcoal barbecue range, offers both kettle charcoal barbecues and classic hooded models. Ranging from the Omega models and Kettle BBQ's to the drum BBQ's and the fantastic duel fuel Combi charcoal and gas models, the Outback charcoal range has a barbecue for everyone.


Many of the Outback models use the classic design teamed with the latest features. The hooded charcoal barbecue models allows many cooking options from roasting to grilling to good old fashioned barbecuing. Whether you're planning to cook for a few friends or family these great quality barbecues will produce excellent results time and time again. Require additional shelving for storage or for preparing? No problem, Outback has manufactured their range with you in mind.


The fantastic Outback Combi BBQ combines both gas and charcoal in one great looking BBQ offering the best of both worlds and new to the 2017, the 2 burner version is ideal for those who require a smaller model BBQ whilst the half drum and full drum charcoal BBQ's are ideal for those wanting great quality BBQ for an excellent price. 


Some people think lighting a charcoal barbecue is an inconvenience, but with the charcoal starter! Simply put your coals into the starter and place over a lit fire starter cube, leave 10 minutes then transfer the coals from the starter into the barbecue and you're ready to cook - it's as simple as that!