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Charcoal BBQs

Outback have been a long standing favourite among first time BBQ buyers and those who enjoy the traditional BBQ cooking. Their charcoal range has been designed to offer the latest technology and high quality design including the ever popular Omega 200 series and newer kettle design models.

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  1. Outback 2 burner Combi gas and charcoal barbecue

    OUTBACK 2 Burner Combi Hooded Gas and Charcoal BBQ


    Outback 2019 Dual Fuel Barbecue

    Based on the very popular Combi 4 burner dual fuel barbecue, this 2 burner model is for those who wish to have the best of both worlds but don't need or cant fit the larger models. The gas and charcoal combination means you can show off by cooking on both gas and charcoal so there is no need to settle the age old question "gas or charcoal, which is best?" Designed with large 48x42cm cooking areas on both the gas and charcoal side, you can cook on both simultaneously or individually should you wish. Both cooking areas feature a warming rack to keep foods warm without cooking them further which is great for freeing up cooking area should you wish to cook further. Both sides have been designed with a large capacity ash tray which makes cleaning much easier.

    Outback Hooded 2 Burner Gas Grill

    With a porcelain enamelled roasting hood with temperature gauge allowing you to keep check on the cooking temperature, this cooking area is heated by 2 stainless steel burners. Each burner is lit individually using the piezo ignition making it much easier to light and controlled individually using the front facing control knobs. 50% of the cooking area is grill with flavourizer bars (flame tamers) underneath which catches any drips from foods before vapourising them to give foods that wonderful BBQ taste, the other 50% is a solid griddle plate make this BBQ versatile for cooking all food types.

    Outback Hooded Charcoal Grill

    Designed with an adjustable charcoal basket allowing you to change the heat intensity going to the cooking area and an adjustable air vent which allows you to control the temperature of the cooking area which can be seen on the temperature gauge within the hood, this charcoal side is very easy to use. Charcoal is stored within the charcoal storage tray underneath to keep it dry and close to the BBQ should you need it. We recommend you use the charcoal starter to light charcoal quickly with no fuss and without the need to use lighter fluids. Designed with 2 side shelves to allow for preparation, this 2 burner Combi BBQ is built on a trolley with 2 wheels and 2 castors to allow you to move the BBQ around the patio or garden with ease. The main body and hoods come fully assembled, simply build the trolley base with shelves before attaching the main unit. Backed by a manufacturing 5 year warranty. Learn More
  2. Outback Orion Charcoal BBQ Grill

    OUTBACK Orion Charcoal BBQ Grill


    Outback Orion Charcoal Barbecue

    New for the 2019 season, the Orion charcoal barbecue is set to take the UK by storm. Offering everything you need for the perfect alfresco dining with the tasty charcoal infusion we all know and love. Boasting a large 41.5 x 56cm cooking area which equivalent to cooking up to 20 burgers at any one time this charcoal barbecue has the capacity to cook for larger numbers or smaller parties. Complete with a warming rack within the double skinned hood which will keep foods warm without cooking them further. The double skin hood offers excellent heat retention and helps to protect the exterior from heat tarnishing to keep your Outback barbecue in perfect condition. Designed with an integrated temperature gauge which allows you to keep check on cooking temperatures for perfect results every time. The charcoal grate can be adjusted from high - low to increase / decrease cooking intensity; the higher up the charcoal grate the more intense the heat is meaning foods will cook much quicker at higher temperatures. The trolley base is built on two wheels allowing the BBQ to be easily moved around the patio or garden. To the right hand side is a foldable side shelf which offers preparation space with tool holders at the edge to ensure cooking utensils will always be at hand when required. To the right hand side is a bottle opener which is perfect for those wanting to enjoy a cold beverage whilst cooking. Learn More
  3. Outback Omega 210 Blue Charcoal Hooded BBQ

    OUTBACK Omega 210 Red Charcoal Hooded BBQ


    Outback Omega 210 Charcoal BBQ

    New to the Outback 2019 range of charcoal BBQ’s this Omega 210 is based on the firm favourite Omega 200 charcoal model with some modifications for those who prefer a different style to the wooden design. Designed with the same high quality enamelled hood and body as the Omega 200 which is hard wearing for excellent protection. Designed with a 50x36cm cooking area with porcelain coated grill which has the capacity to cook up to 15 burgers at any one time. Comes complete with a warming rack within the hood which allows you to keep foods warm without cooking them further which frees up space on the cooking grill should you wish to cook further foods. The large capacity ash collector is easy to remove and clean. To the left and side is a fixed side shelf which is made from a weather resistant material to ensure this BBQ is ready to stand the test of time. On one shelf is a tool rack which allows you to keep cooking utensils close to hand when grilling. Underneath the BBQ itself is a metal base shelf for extra storage behind a nylon cooking screen. Built on wheels to make the BBQ easier to move around the garden or patio. **Please note this is an entry level BBQ and should not be used with the lid down once lit as this may cause damage to your BBQ. Learn More

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Outback Charcoal BBQs

The Outback charcoal barbecue range has developed through the years to offer a fantastic range with tried and tested models teamed with the latest features. The range boasts everything from kettle models to classic hooded models, duel fuel models and even a charcoal pizza oven!


Starting with the Omega 200 series barbecues, these models are well known for their stunning classic design offering simple grilling. Moving through the range next features the classic kettle models boasting a 57cm diameter cooking area with adjustable air vents making for easy heat control. The ever popular duel fuel Combi BBQ models combines the convenience of gas with well loved charcoal, this BBQ offers the best of both worlds and means the age old debate of gas or charcoal does not need to be answered.


New to the 2019 range the Orion Charcoal Barbecue boasts a 50x36cm cooking area and adjustable charcoal grate allowing you to adjust cooking intensity whilst sill achieving the charcoal flavour we all know and love. Also new for the 2019 season is the Pizza Oven which is quite different to anything Outback have done before, you can be outdoors cooking pizzas, breads and much more alfreso! Whether you're planning to cook for a few friends or family these great quality barbecues will produce excellent results time and time again.


Lighting a BBQ used to be an inconvenience with harmful fuels often used  - with the Outback Charcoal Stater there is no need for anything other than a starter cube! Simply put your coals into the starter and place over a lit fire starter cube, leave 10 minutes then transfer the coals from the starter into the barbecue and you're ready to cook - it's as simple as that!