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Looking for Outback Spare Parts? Step by Step Guide

1. Look at blown diagram in manual for your required item. For example C1 etc.,
2. Look at ONLINE PARTS LIST below - ie. what PART NUMBER does C1 from your manual correspond to?
3. Click the link in the corresponding box and order online.
4. If part number is not yet available to buy online, please contact us with your part number using our Spare Parts Enquiry Email


Meteor 4 Burner BBQ 2010-2012 Manual .pdf download

Click Here for Manual .pdf download - Adobe Reader required - download or use Internet Explorer Plug in

Please locate the required part via the diagram in the above manual, then find corresponding part number in the parts list below.


Meteor 4 Burner Online Parts List

Manufactured between 2010 and 2012 Only

Code Description Part number
A Firebox N/A 
B Front Left Cart Leg FLLMET - Part No Longer Available
C Back Left Cart Leg N/A 
D Cart Leg Foot N/A 
E Left Side Panel N/A 
F Left Cart Brace N/A 
G Front Right Cart Leg N/A 
H Back Right Cart Leg N/A 
I Right Side Panel N/A 
J Right Cart Brace N/A 
K Wheel Axle N/A 
L Wheel N/A 
M Bottom Panel N/A 
N Front Panel N/A 
O Tool Storage Front Panel N/A 
P Tool Storage Handle N/A 
Q Tool Storage Slide N/A 
R Front Cart Beam N/A 
S Back Cart Beam N/A 
T Side Burner METSDBURN - Part No Longer Available
U Side Burner Front Panel N/A 
V Side Shelf METSSHELF - Part No Longer Available
W Sider Shelf Front Panel N/A 
X Bezel N/A 
Y Control Knob METFKN - Part No Longer Available
Z Grease Tray METGRTR - Part No Longer Available
ZA Grease Cup N/A
VB Heat Diffuser / Flavorizer Bar METFLAM - Part No Longer Available
VC Grill METGRL - Part No Longer Available
ZD Warming Rack METWR - Part No Longer Available
ZE Manual Lighting Stick N/A 
  Griddle 370193 - Part No Longer Available
  Cover 370092 370092
  Hood METHOOD - Part No Longer Available
  Rotisserie 370196 370196
  Burner METBURN  - Part No Longer Available