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Gas BBQs

Outback Gas hooded bbqs are great for family barbecues. We have entry level bbqs and larger barbecues with upto 6 burners, perfect for all you outdoor chefs.

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  1. Outback Excel 300 dual gas burner barbecue grill with side burner.

    OUTBACK Excel Onyx Gas BBQ Grill with Side Burner


    Out of stock

    OUTBACK Excel Onyx BBQ

    The Outback Excel Onyx barbecue replaces the Outback Excel 310 and has a smooth and sleek design, making it a great looking addition to any garden or patio.

    The Excel Onyx has a generously sized 50x36cm cooking area with a porcelain coated grill this barbecue is a real winner. The side table is foldable to offer much needed valuable space when cooking outdoors, whilst the shelf underneath is great for crockery and tools. The side burner to the left hand side is perfect for cooking sauces and accompanying foods.

    The Outback Excel Onyx uses a 13kg propane gas canister (sold separately) via a 27mm snap-fit regulator (supplied with the barbecue). The barbecue hood features an integrated temperature gauge for perfect cooking temperatures and a warming rack attached within. Supplied with propane gas regulator and full assembly instructions.

    Featuring dual gas burner that can be interdependently controlled using the control knobs on the front control panel, the Excel 310 barbecue is presented in a classical silver finish with an integral side table and one side burner. Using the classic lava rock this Excel barbecue offers the convenience of gas with the classic feel of a charcoal.

    Outback are very proud that the Outback Excel 300 gas barbecue was voted 'Best Buy' in it's class by 'You Know Who' magazine in June of 2011. This Excel Onyx gas barbecue is the 2018 replacement for the previous Excel 300 with a more stylish design and additional features. Learn More

  2. Outback Omega 250 gas hooded barbecue with dual burner side burner and side work surface. TOOL SET NOT INCLUDED.

    OUTBACK Omega 250 Gas Hooded BBQ with Side Burner


    Out of stock

    Omega 250 Gas BBQ

    The Outback Omega 250 gas hooded bbq offers fantastic value for money, from the entry level barbecue range. It is simple to assemble and easy to use and heated by lava rock underneath the generously sized 19.5" - 50cm x 14" - 36cm chrome grill.

    The Omega 250 comes with a Piezo ignition system which quickly lights up the gas barbecue and a dual controlled aluminised burner which is controlled by the two control knobs on the front control panel. Fitted with an Hammertone painted hood that ensures thorough cooking, a handy serving shelf, two rubber wheels and a removable nylon screen.

    For additional versatility, the Omega 250 has a side burner has also been incorporated into the design of this barbecue which offers many more cooking options. Stainless steel tool set is not included with this product. Includes propane gas regulator and hose.

    **Please note the Omega 250 is an entry level BBQ and should not be used with the lid down once lit as this may cause damage to your BBQ. Learn More

  3. Outback stainless steel 6 burner Meteor BBQ with sear side burner

    OUTBACK Meteor 6 Burner Stainless Steel Hooded Gas BBQ


    Outback Meteor 6 Burner BBQ

    2018 Outback Meteor stainless steel model with 6 cast iron burners which are individually controlled and fired using the piezo ignition system for easy lighting of the BBQ. The large 78x42cm cooking area is covered with half grill and half griddle whilst the warming rack gives extra space for cooked foods.

    The Outback Meteor has a side sear burner which gives an ultra-fast high heat to really sear flavours and juices into meats before cooking them to perfection on the gill or griddle. On the other side of the BBQ you will find a fixed side table which is great for food preparation.

    The Meteor has a two-tier drip tray that allows easy cleaning of the BBQ to keep it in fantastic condition. This 6 burner model is built with a cabinet underneath which is ideal for storage (please note gas bottle should not be stored here).

    The Outback Meteor is built on 4 castors which are hidden behind the black wheel skirt so you can move the BBQ around the garden or patio to where is it required.

    Backed by a 10 year limited warranty. Delivery will be palletized and booked in with you by the courier company. Or you can collect this BBQ from our Buxton store and receive a £30 discount, please call 01298 213 134 to reserve before collection.

    Learn More


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  1. 2017 Outback Meteor 4 burner stainless steel gas BBQ package deal

    RRP: £669.98

    Save 29%

    Save £199.99


    2018 Outback Meteor 4 Burner with Cover

    Quality stainless steel gas BBQ from the Outback BBQ range boasts a 64x42cm cooking area. Within the cooking area is a 50/50 grill/griddle split, these plates are manufactured from cast iron which has a porcelain coated matt finish which is easier to clean and much more hard wearing. Underneath the cooking area are 4 cast iron burners which are controlled via the control knobs on the front control panel and lit using the electronic ignition system which lights the burners quickly and easily every time. The domed roasting hood features a temperature gauge which allows you to keep full control over the cooking temperatures within the BBQ when using the indirect cooking method. When the lid is closed it creates an oven effect allowing you to cook a wider range of foods and is perfect for rotisserie cooking. To the right of the BBQ is a side shelf for preparation and on the left of the BBQ is a side sear burner which burns at higher temperatures to seal juices and flavours into food before finishing them off on the grilling area. Built on a cart with castor wheels, you can easily manoeuvre this BBQ around the patio or garden area. This cart features 2 opening doors to the front allowing access to the storage area which is perfect for all BBQ accessories. This Meteor package deal from Outback Direct includes the BBQ rotisserie and a 3 piece tool kit. The delivery is palletized, the courier will call you to pre-book the delivery of your BBQ with yourself. This usually happens 1 working day after dispatch. OR collect this BBQ from our Buxton store and receive a £30 discount, please call 01298 213 134 to reserve before collection.


  2. Outback Jupiter 6 Burner Hooded Gas BBQ

    RRP: £629.00

    Save 20%

    Save £130.00


    Outback Jupiter 6 Burner Barbecue

    High quality stainless steel gas barbecue from Outback with an impressive 78x42cm cooking area with a capacity of cooking 32 burgers at any one time. The cooking area has 2 porcelain coated cast iron grills with removable center piece to accommodate the Outback pizza stone, griddle and wok (all available separately) to widen the possibility of what you can cook on this grill. Designed with a stainless steel roasting hood which boasts a built in temperature gauge to ensure you have the perfect cooking temperatures for any type of food including starters, mains, deserts or snacks. Within this roasting hood sits a warming rack which will keep cooked foods warm without cooking them further, thus freeing up cooking space on the grills to cook further. Underneath the grill area are 6 cast iron burners which are individually controlled using the front facing control knobs and lit using the piezo ignition system. This Jupiter 6 burner uses the flavourizer bar system which sit over the burners, when fats and juices drips down from foods and falls onto the flavourizer bars it creates a steam which flavours the food with that much loved BBQ flavour. Any fats or juices which do not fall onto the flavourizer bars will fall down into the single tier easy to clean drip tray. To the left of the BBQ is a side sear burner which burns at hotter temperatures giving the option to seal flavours into meats before cooking on the grill and giving the perfect cooking lines. Within the trolley cart is an accessory holder for the pizza stone, wok and griddle and also a utility tray to store foods required for cooking or crockery without them being out in the open. This BBQ also features a bottle opener and tool rack allowing you to keep all utensils required when cooking close to hand. Collect this BBQ from our Buxton store and receive a £30 discount, please call 01298 213 134 to reserve before collection. Delivery is usually palletized.

    Availability: Sold out for 2018 Please Outback Meteor 6 Burner As Alternative - O/B370524

  3. Outback Signature 4 Burner Gas BBQ Grill

    RRP: £1,299.99

    Save 38%

    Save £500.99


    Outback Stainless Steel Signature BBQ

    Boasting a large 43.2 x 66cm cooking area which is heated using the 4 stainless steel burners which are individually controlled using the front chrome plated control knobs. Easily lit using the push button piezo ignitor which is located in the center of the stainless steel control panel. Designed with an infrared back burner which is ideal for rotisserie cooking - rotisserie is sold separately, please see the accessories tab.

    Covering the grilling area is a stainless steel cooking grate and porcelain enamelled griddle plate which is ideal for cooking a whole range of foods which would normally fall through the gaps on the grate.

    Built with a heavy duty stainless steel roasting hood which features a temperature gauge so you can fully control the temperature of the BBQ which is ideal for when using the indirect cooking method (much like a conventional household oven) to cook just about anything. The warming rack sits within this roasting hood which keeps cooked food warm whilst freeing up grilling space on your cooking area.

    Built on a very stylish cart which features a cupboard and 2 draws which are ideal for keeping all condiments, pots, pans, cutlery and BBQ accessories close at hand when grilling. To either side of the grilling area is a side shelf which is ideal for preparation space when BBQing. To the right between the grill and the side shelf is a cast iron and brass side burner which is perfect for accompanying sauces etc. This side burner features a fold down lid which when closed gives additional preparation space on the side shelf.

    Built on 4 heavy duty castors, 2 of which are lockable so the BBQ can be moved around the garden or patio then locked into place.

    **Arrives fully assembled**

    Availability: Contact us for availability

  4. Outback Signature 6 Burner Gas BBQ

    RRP: £1,499.99

    Save 20%

    Save £300.00

    • Large 43.2 x 96.5cm Cooking Area
    • 6 Stainless Steel Burner
    • Ceramic Infrared Back Burner
    • Stainless Steel Grate & Porcelain Enamelled Griddle
    • Warming Rack, Rotisserie & Cover Included

    Availability: Sold out for 2018 - Please see Signature 4 burner

  5. Outback 370651 Island BBQ grill 2018 model

    RRP: £2,499.99

    Save 20%

    Save £500.00


    Outback Outdoor Kitchen Island BBQ

    Those looking for something a little different for their outdoor cooking needs need look no further. This Outback Bar-Grill island barbecue is the crème de la crème of outdoor cooking! The stainless steel BBQ unit is built into an outdoor kitchen unit which features worktops for sufficient bar space which has plenty of room for guests, nibbles and drinks. The work top can be assembled to either side of the BBQ making it much more versatile to fit into allocated spacing within your garden, it is easily assembled using a wing nut system. Boasting a large 71 x 45cm cooking area with 4 stainless steel grills with 14mm gaps to avoid smaller foods falling through and a warming rack to keep foods warm without cooking them further to help free up cooking space on the grills. The 4 stainless steel burners are individually controlled using the front facing control knobs along with the ceramic infrared back burner which is excellent for rotisserie cooking. This Outback Bar-Grill barbecue features a stainless steel roasting hood with temperature gauge to create optimum cooking temperatures for a wide range of delicacies ranging from starters and snacks to mains and puddings. Designed with 2 storage drawers which is perfect for storing condiments, crockery or other BBQ related accessories and also storage space to fit a 13kg gas cylinder to keep all eyes on this BBQ.

    Availability: Sold out for 2018 More due 2019 - please sign up to get notified when new stock arrives.

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Outback Gas BBQs

The Outback gas barbecue range begins with the entry level Omega and Excel dual burner ranges which are perfect for  novices who wish to enter into the barbecue scene gradually.


Moving up the range you will find the Spectrum 2 burner, Trooper, Magnum and Ranger barbecues which all have been designed with 2/3 burners and fold down side shelves for easy storage. The stylish Meteor BBQ comes in many stylish colours including red, blue and stainless steel in a range of sizes including 3 burners, 4 burners and the larger 6 burner. For those wanting something a little more upmarket with a slicker style, the Signature 4 and Signature 6 burner models are the crem de la crem of the Outback gas barbecue range. Those with a larger outdoor area and a slightly higher budget should take a look at the Bar-Grill 4 burner barbecue which is nothing like you have ever seen before.


For those looking for something slightly different to the tradidional gas barbecue, the combi dual fuel gas and charcoal barbecue is perfect - with one cooking area using charcoal and the other using gas this barbecue is the ultimate grill for those who cant decide which is better...gas or charcoal! Available in the ever popular 4 burner and the slightly smaller 2 burner model for those with less space or less to cook for.


Your Gas BBQ will heat up instantly and is adjustable by simply turning the control knobs to suit the type of food which you're cooking. Hooded gas bbqs allows the user many more cooking options such as direct or indirect cooking, grilling, baking etc. The bbq hood sits over the heat source and traps the air inside the barbecue just like an oven.