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Gas BBQs

Outback gas barbecues have been the barbecue enthusiast's premium choice for more than 30 years. Their range encompasses cutting edge technology with high quality manufacturing offering everything from entry level dual burner BBQ's right the way up to 6 burner models, duel fuel gas and charcoal models and even an outdoor kitchen!

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  1. Outback Omega 250 gas hooded barbecue with dual burner side burner and side work surface. TOOL SET NOT INCLUDED.

    OUTBACK Omega 250 Gas Hooded BBQ with Side Burner


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    Omega 250 Gas BBQ

    Outback Omega 250 gas hooded bbq offers fantastic value for money, from the entry level barbecue range. It is simple to assemble and easy to use and heated by a dual burner with flame tamer underneath the generously sized 50x36cm chrome cooking grill.

    The Omega 250 comes with a piezo ignition system which quickly lights up the gas barbecue and a dual controlled aluminised burner which is controlled by the two control knobs on the front control panel. Fitted with an Hammertone painted hood that ensures thorough cooking, a handy serving shelf, two rubber wheels and a removable nylon screen.

    For additional versatility, the Omega 250 has a side burner has also been incorporated into the design of this barbecue which offers many more cooking options.

    This model is currently fitted with a vaporiser bar  or flame tamer as they are called.  This can be changed by purchasing the optional hot rock basket and hot rocks as you will find linked to the product.

    Tool set shown in image is NOT included.

    **Please note the Omega 250 is an entry level BBQ and should not be used with the lid down once lit as this may cause damage to your BBQ.

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  2. The unique Outback Combi dual charcoal and gas barbecue.

    OUTBACK Combi Duel Fuel Hooded 4 Burner Gas and Charcoal BBQ Grill


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    2020 Outback Combi BBQ

    Outback have designed the worlds first unique Combi charcoal and gas hooded barbecue. This BBQ combines the best of both fuel types so you can produce the best tasting food possible all with no arguments of which is the best cooking method - with this BBQ you get the best of both worlds!

    4 Burner Gas Grill with Roasting Hood (64 x 42cm)

    Featuring 4 stainless steel burners which are fired in to action by a push button electronic ignition system to give easy lighting every time. With a hinged cooking hood which is porcelain enameled with a sturdy chrome handle and built-in thermometer to give perfect cooking results time and time again. The cooking area is covered with porcelain coated grill and griddle and also features a rear mounted warming rack to keep foods warm without cooking further. The gas side if stood on its own would be equivalent to the Outback Meteor 4 burner BBQ (without side burner).

    Hooded Charcoal Grill (48 x 42cm)

    The charcoal grill features a porcelain coated grill with hinged section to allow for easy topping up of the charcoal when the BBQ is in use. The charcoal basket below can be adjusted up and down for heat control by turning a chrome handle mounted on the front of the grill. The hinged cooking hood is porcelain enameled with a sturdy chrome handle and features and adjustable air vent to control the temperature of the BBQ which can be monitored using the built-in thermometer. Fitted with rear mounted warming rack. Beneath the grill is a very useful charcoal hinged drawer for close storage of charcoal. The whole unit is mounted on a cart with 2 wheels and 2 locking castors so it can be move with ease around the garden. Featuring a bottle opener. Backed by a 5 year limited warranty. Delivery will be palletized or you can collect this BBQ from our Buxton store and receive a £30 discount, please call 01298 213 134 to reserve before collection. Learn More
  3. Outback 2 burner Combi gas and charcoal barbecue

    OUTBACK 2 Burner Duel Fuel Hooded Gas and Charcoal BBQ


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    Outback 2020 Dual Fuel Barbecue Combination Gas and Charcoal

    The Duel Fuel 2 Burner has been around for a number of years now and each year proves more popular than the year before. It is so versatile with the ability to cook on gas or charcoal as you prefer. Or on both if having a larger party. The Quality of the BBQ is so good that the word of mouth is all the selling this Grill needs. Designed with large 48x42cm cooking areas on both the gas and charcoal side, Giving a total overall cooking area of 96 x42. Both cooking areas feature a warming rack to keep foods warm without cooking them further which is great for freeing up cooking area should you wish to cook further. Both sides have been designed with a large capacity ash tray which makes cleaning much easier.

    Outback Hooded 2 Burner Gas Grill

    With a porcelain enameled roasting hood with temperature gauge allowing you to keep check on the cooking temperature, this cooking area is heated by 2 stainless steel burners. Each burner is lit individually using the piezo ignition making it much easier to light and controlled individually using the front facing control knobs. The cooking area on this BBQ is 50/50 grill / griddle split making this BBQ versatile for cooking all food types. An adjustable charcoal basket allows you to change the heat intensity going to the cooking area and an adjustable air vent which allows you to control the temperature of the cooking area which can be seen on the temperature gauge within the hood, this charcoal side is very easy to use. Charcoal is stored within the charcoal storage tray underneath to keep it dry and close to the BBQ should you need it. We recommend you use the Outback charcoal starter to light charcoal quickly with no fuss and without the need to use lighter fluids. 2 side shelves to allow for food preparation, Duel Fuel BBQ is built on a trolley with 2 wheels and 2 castors to allow you to move the BBQ around the patio or garden with ease. The main body and hoods come fully assembled, simply build the trolley base with shelves before attaching the main unit. Backed by a manufacturing 5 year warranty. Learn More

OUTBACK 2020 Hybrid BBQ Range

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Outback Gas BBQs

Outback gas barbecues are as good as a gas BBQ can get having been around for over 35 years, the Outback gas barbecue range begins with the entry level Omega and Excel dual burner BBQ models, which are perfect for those new to barbecuing or those who want something small simple, quality and efficient.

Move up the range and whilst the quality remains constant the size and functionality of the grills change and get better the further up the range you go. The Spectrum and Trooper 2 Burner models offer great versatility at a good price they can still be combined with a griddle and a rotisserie as with the larger models, Magnum and Ranger barbecues have been designed with 3 burners and side burner in a traditional green and wood finish or the modern black and silver finish. With the new 2020 Magnum and Rangers being part of the ultra-amazing Hybrid Range.  The stylish Meteor BBQ comes in two colour choices red and blue, there is also a stainless steel model in a choice of two sizes 4 or 6 burners offering a higher quality finish.

The Jupiter range has also had a Hybrid overhaul available in both red or stainless steel in 4 or 6 burners variations, very similar in cooking area and style to the Meteor’s, these models have the advantage of having a grill cooking system with a removable centre in which you can swap the centre piece for a griddle, wok or a pizza stone for ultimate versatility.

For those wanting something a little more prestigious with a slick style, the Signature 4 and Signature 6 burner models are the crem de la crem of the Outback gas barbecue range.  These models will arrive with you fully assembled. Now with an optional side cabinet for the gas bottle storage and further workspace.

Have a larger outdoor area and a slightly higher budget  take a look at the Bar-Grill 4 burner barbecue which is nothing like you have ever seen before, a full on outdoor kitchen.

Looking for something slightly different and unique to the traditional gas barbecue, the dual fuel gas and charcoal model which combines the best of both barbecue worlds - with one cooking area using charcoal and the other using gas this barbecue is the ultimate grill for those who can’t decide which is better...gas or charcoal! Available in the ever popular 4 burner and the slightly smaller 2 burner model for those with less space or less to cook for.

Your Gas BBQ is essentially an outdoor oven, anything you can do inside in the oven / hob you can do outside too!  The grill will heat up instantly and is adjustable by simply turning the control knobs to suit the type of food which you're cooking. Use the temperature gauge to judge the inside temperature just like you would in your oven inside. Hooded gas BBQ’s allow the user many more cooking options such as direct or indirect cooking, grilling, baking etc