Outback BBQ Covers – Weather Proof NOT Water Proof

Outback BBQ Cover ‘Leaking’?

Designed to fit your Outback barbecue like a glove and protect it from the elements, these highly durable covers are manufactured from a weather proof and UV proof material. The weatherproof design is not the same as water proof, the weather proof material allows the barbecue to breathe by allowing air to circulate to ensure the longevity of your Outback BBQ.

Think your Outback Barbecue Cover is Defective?

From time to time with long periods of rain / heavy rain the cover may let in some water OR during hot weather condensation may have formed. On a dry day both in summer and winter you should periodically remove the cover to allow the barbecue and cover to dry – you should ensure the inside of the cover has dried before re-covering the barbecue.

Outback BBQ Cover

Care & Maintenance of your Outback Barbecue

Please refer to your owner’s manual under the ‘Care and Maintenance’ section which explains how to best protect your barbecue. IF you have misplaced your user manual please click here  (a snippet can be found below);

‘Even when your barbecue is covered for its protection, it must be inspected on a regular basis as damp or condensation can form which may result in damage to the barbecue. It may be necessary to dry the barbecue and the inside of the cover. It is possible for mould to grow on any fat remaining on parts of the barbecue. This should be cleaned off smooth surfaces with hot soapy water.’

Should you find rust on your barbecue you should take every care to ensure food does not come into contact and should treat the rust with a rust inhibitor and painted with barbecue paint or a heat resistant paint.



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