Outback Spectrum BBQSpectrum 3 Burner Hooded Barbecue

This Spectrum barbecue is a large hooded gas barbecue which features 3 burners which allows you to comfortably cater for approx 10 people in one sitting. With a warming rack situated in the hood where you can place cooked food which will stay warm, freeing up the cooking area for more foods. 50% of the cooking surface is grill and the other 50% has a griddle plate which allows you to cook an extensive range of foods. For those of you who prefer your barbecue to be 100% grill this is possible – all you would need to do is purchase a grill and lava rock basket and put these in place of the griddle.

With a sturdy frame and high quality finish this barbecue will look stunning in any garden, the trolley base is built upon 2 wheels which allows you to easily manoeuvre the barbecue around the garden or patio. Delivering succulent foods with a distinctive barbecue taste time after time.

Lava Rock Barbecue

The new 2013 model now uses lava rock which is used in place of the flavourizer bars which have been used in previous years. The lava rocks are used to channel away excess fats and grease so that flare-ups are avoided. These fats and juices drip down onto the lava rock which then vapourises into smoke and steam which flavours the foods and creates that lovely barbecue smell. As the fats and juices are turned into smoke and steam there is much less mess to clear up after your barbecue, simply turn the heat right up to burn the excess fat off the lava rock – and of course the grills also need cleaning!


Cleaning the grills on this Spectrum barbecue is simple, use warm soapy water and the Outback cleaning brush to clean away any excess foods stuck to the grill. The best way of caring for your grills and griddles is to clean them after every use and coat them in a layer of oil to help protect the porcelain coating. The rest of the barbecue can also be cleaned using warm soapy water, it is not recomended that you use an abrasive cleaner.

Not only have Outback baught you this fantasic barbecue they also have a range of bbq accessories to compliment this barbecue a treat!

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