Outback barbecues have a range of gas and charcoal BBQ’s from smaller entry level BBQ’s which are perfect for novices who are new to the whole Barbecuing idea right up to the professional range which has been designed for use in professional applications such as catering events.


Outback’s extensive range of charcoal BBQ’s includes hooded models and the classic kettle design which offer some new models for the 2014 season. Offering a range of colours and designs you can choose the perfect match to suit each personality and preference.

Outback Kettle BBQs

The classic tried and tested Omega 100 is available in midnight blue and the 200 is available in midnight blue and midnight red, manufactured to high quality this range offers a fantastic 50x35cm cooking area. Whilst the kettle designed BBQ is available with a 57cm cooking diameter in Red, Black, Blue and Green, these new models for the 2014 season feature adjustable air vents to allow you to control the air flow through the BBQ.


The Gas hooded BBQ’s give more versatility to the cooking options, grill with the hood open for a classic BBQ or close the lid to create an oven effect to cook a whole new range of foods on your BBQ which you have never  thought of before from rotisserie chicken to cakes to whole Sunday dinners!

Outback Gas Hooded BBQs

The possibilities of what you can cook with this range are endless, some models feature a side burner which allow you to cook sauces etc to compliment the delicacies you have already created – all alfresco! The Meteor Stainless Steel Model also features a sear burner which helps to seal flavours into the meats before you cook them for succulent results. For those a little less experienced and wish to go for something a little smaller as an entry to BBQing, the Omega and Excel range is perfect.


This range is perfect for those people who want to lift the lid, light their BBQ and get instant heat to get cooking straight away. Simply turn the control knobs and the BBQ will light then control the temperature by turning the gas knob to the low or high position (or positioning in-between).

With both homeowner and a professional BBQ in this range you will find something which is suitable for all requirements. Offering cooking areas from 47 x 42cm to 63 x 42cm and 80 x 45cm you can choose the right dimensions for you so you can cook for as many people as you like!


Unique to Outback the Combi BBQ is ½ charcoal and ½ gas which is perfect for those who cannot decide if gas or charcoal is right for them. Of course there are always disagreements within families about preference but with this BBQ you can keep everyone happy – great for peace on Christmas morning! Offering a whopping 42 x 112cm cooking area in total made up from 42 x 48cm on the charcoal side and 42 x 64 on the gas side this BBQ is perfect to entertain friends and family and cater for all tastes.


Outback have designed an extensive range of accessories to suit all makes and models of BBQ’s but are especially fantastic when used with Outback BBQ’s. From cooking aids to accessories to help present and serve foods.

Outback BBQ Accessories

Why not surprise someone this Christmas morning with something a little different which can be enjoyed by many. Of course there are many accessories available to compliment the range – you will never be stuck for a birthday or Christmas present every again!

Our WebTeam are very clued up on the Outback range, if you’re looking for some friendly advice or more information call or email us today!



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