1. Denmark is the ultimate BBQ nation! They are the biggest grillers in the World; they spend more on barbecues and accessories over the year than any other country.


2. When Americans BBQ they actually mean they are cooking using the grilling method. The BBQ favorites here are burgers, steak, hot dogs and chicken whilst the most popular flavours are hickory and mesquite. Here in the UK we are choosing to grill more exotic foods such as duck!


3. 14% of American households now have 2 barbecues and 5% have 3 or more – surely you can never have enough BBQ’s? 2 out of 3 households in the UK own a BBQ with 14% owning 2 or more.


4. BBQ is becoming more of a competitive sport all over the World, such as GrillStock in the UK – we think the spectators are the winners with all the goodies you get to try!


5. 7.5 million BBQ occasions took place on the 29th April– the day Prince William and Kate Middleton were married.


6. Ask the question where the word ‘barbecue’ originated from, there are many theories but which one is correct – were pretty unsure!


7. The first McDonalds was a barbecue restaurant.


8. “Vorarephilia” is the name given to those aroused by the thought of being grilled and eaten.


9. Add a smokier flavour to BBQ sauce with a shot of single malt Scotch.


10. The number of BBQ’s held per family during summer has risen from 2.5 10 years ago, to over 9 now!


11. It’s not a shocker to know BBQ is male dominated with the men grabbing the tongues, but not by as much as you think – 56% of males are currently said to tangle with the tongues.


12. May 15th is national BBQ day.


13. 40,000 tonnes of charcoal is used each year on BBQ’s.


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